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🧩 Impact Share in 3 steps

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🔎 How it works

✔ Your pledge.

✔ Our effort.

✔ Cash-free. BY STEP& Mono&ftWeight=normal&ftStyle=normal&cText=%23032749&cBg=%2317c2de&cHText=%23FFFFFF&cHBg=%23032749&bColor=%23000&bRadius=5&bSize=0&position=left&emoji&boxYpos=2&boxXpos=1&boxBlur=0&boxSpread=0&boxColor=rgb(15 15 15 %2F 10%25)&px=22&py=11

As your company becomes more successful, the value of your impact grows too, thanks to proportional virtual shares.

This offers you the opportunity to get involved in entrepreneurial responsibility at an early stage by pledging a part of your success without placing a financial burden on your business.

Similar approaches have already been successfully established internationally: Israel and Canada.

🚀 Why Investors pledge their support

Listen to podcasts about impact shares with Verena Pausder and Luis Hanemann (sorry, german):

<aside> 🎧 Verena Pausder (Investorin)

Verena in “Fast & Curious” 🕑 Timecode: 32:00min

Verena in “Fast & Curious” 🕑 Timecode: 32:00min


<aside> 🎙️ Luis Hanemann (Partner @Headline)

Luis in “Startup Insider Daily” 🕑 Timecode 34:00min

Luis in “Startup Insider Daily” 🕑 Timecode 34:00min


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